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Vision & Ai


Accurate Image processing and Video processing depends on multitude of factors. At EMVOKE build your own custom model or ensemble of models for Image Processing. As image / video processing is based on Image / Video quality , type of image , lighting, occlusion, noise and various other factors we ensure the optimal choice of algorithms are fitted for best performance.

Do Object detection, tracking, image segmentation, near real-time video analysis using various algorithms,
Open CV based ML - Feature engineering, Nano-nets, Yolo, Transformer Networks, GANS, SEER, Faster, R-CNN, U-Nets, Single Shot Learning and many more. Run your algorithms on the edge or on the Server side.


#End to End Computer Vision Pipeline


Train: Train your Computer - Vision Model (Image/Video) for Edge Detection or On-Server.
Ingest: Ingest Video & Images @scale, in various formats from multiple Sources.
Frame Processing: Frame processing using ffMpeg, gStreamer.
Stream: Stream & Store Data - Real-time & Near Real-time.
Detection with Ai : Classify Objects, Scene & Context on Image / Video.
Act: Notify Detection & Push Decision flow as required.


Multi Model

Parallelized training
Multi Algorithms (Ensambles)
Models for Sparse & Big Data


Scale for Value

Real-time Ai Model prediction
Model and Ai pipeline optimization @ Scale


Cost Optimization

Weights & Pipeline Aligned to OPEX
Transfer learning 4 quick adoption.
Synthetic Data Generation.


Advanced Tuning

Hyper-parameter Tuning with
Random search
Weight Pruning
Parameter Tools & More..

#Computer Vision as a service

Object Detection

There are several Text Classification algorithms that are key for Intent Classification to Context analysis. Now get your data trained and classified to invoke real-time decision making and to gain insights.

At EMVOKE based on Data size, type of data, scale & speed get your Model trained  for optimal performance and cost. Be it using basic ML techniques like SVM, Naive Bayes to using Advanced Deep Neural Networks like, Bi-LSTM, Bert, Transformer Networks etc. We train models both from the scratch or by applying transfer learning as per need.

Get End to End NLP Model as a service for both Edge and On-Server solutions.

#Vision Use-cases


Object Detection

Multi-Object classification.
Shelf Classification.
& More...

#Live Stream Object Tracking


Live Streaming ML & Ai Models on any real-time media steam is a very complex task where-in real-time feedback is needed with object detection and tracking per frame, often scale, compute costs and edge deployment memory footprint are major bottle-necks.  We use various models, example - Ensemble networks, Encoder-Decoder models, Deep-sort, SORT, Kalman filters etc with Weight optimization techniques, to improve Model accuracy, Model Scale and reduce Cost run-downs. 

#Error Detection

Detect Fault lines & Cracks.
Identify Manufacturing
Select Models- Deep Nets &
Open CV-ML.
Optimize Models for Scale.


#Bounding Box to Polygons 

Multi-object classification.
Instance & Semantic segmentation.
Synthetic Image generation.

#Medical Image processing

Accurate Image model tuned to pixel level.
Detect ROI in image scans.
De-noise data and avoid overlaps.
Use of both Classification & Clustering.
Run Models on Edge & Server.

PII, Secure & GDPR Compliant.



#Video KYC

Single Shot learning.
Video KYC & Facial Recognition @scale.
Emotion & Tonal Analysis.
Deep pose estimation.

#Ai Architectire & Pipeline Consulting


Define Ai & Data Strategy | Find Optimal Ai Models | Model Options for Sparse to Big Data | Scale your Ai Model | Lower you Ai Cost | Secure your Ai | Ai Pipeline Automation

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